The smiths have been, without a doubt, the most difficult class to pin down yet. They utilize the Creation skill via the power of synthesis to conjure and wield the forces that drive the multiverse. By will and by word, through fire and forge, they advance and preserve the suit of Wands.

Natural smiths (often called sculptors or masons) draw resources from the land around them (stone, metal, wood), or harvest materials from creatures (bone, claw, hide), to put weapons in the hands of their allies, and armor on their backs.

Smiths of the primeval state, called spinners or weavers, collect stray threads of light and sound to create barriers of color and music to rally and protect their allies, and to confound their enemies and drive them to despair.

Shapers tap into the elemental state of the world, drawing out, and drawing upon the winds, the earth, and the seas to arm and protect them. Through study, meditation, and discipline, they temper natural forces into potent tools for their work.

Smiths of the empyreal state are convokers, first assembling and then assimilating the divine storm, suffusing themselves and their allies with the divine energy. In the words of the Ghost, “you call down the thunder, and I’ll reap the whirlwind.”

Ethereal-state smiths are egoists, who conjure the equipment of those who came before them, infuse their allies with the courage and skill of their forebears, and form bonds with the spirits of warriors who will one day follow in their footsteps.

Oculists are the sidereal smiths. Drawing on the power leftover from the formation of the world, focusing it through the lens of the stars and constellations, these smiths wield terrifying might, which they accept without contract or question.

Smiths of the spectral state are called forgers. Tartarus holds all the great cyclops smiths, including those who fought on the sides of both the Olympians and the Titans. These smiths synthesize powerful tools in imitation of great artifacts of legend.