Following the format of Clerics of the Seven States, I’ve come up with nicknames to help identify and stratify the inspirations for the scribe class. All of these names and descriptions are tentative, of course, but will hopefully reflect the eventual flavors of the scribe class archetype. As strikers of the Wands suit, scribes utilize Development and Forfeiture to deal damage.

Scholars are the scribes of the state of nature, and their historical records and deliberations represent the collective knowledge and understanding of mortals. Such knowledge is expansive but incomplete, as it changes with the ages.

Primeval scribes are mesmers, creating brilliant displays of light and sound to amaze and to evoke and control the feelings of their audience. Their magic symbols represent more than mere emotions, communicating on the most primitive levels.

Scribes of the elemental state are called geometers. Their symbols and diagrams evoke the power of ley lines and elemental nodes within the land itself and beyond. Within every place that exists, exists power, and they tap this power.

Empyreal scribes are called invokers, and they use holy symbols and complex religious iconography to call upon the divine powers of gods, daemons, and the like. Tradition guides them, and passes knowledge from one generation to the next.

Ethereal-state scribes are monikers. They collect the secret names of every creature and god in the world, including those long dead and those who’ve yet to come into power, and call upon them through intricate utterances and nicknames.

Scribes of the sidereal state are referred to as alienists. They chart the stars and name the constellations within the constellations. The oldest historical records, the stars have seen the rise and fall of many kings and heroes and will see many more.

Casters are the scribes of the spectral state. Through the subtle manipulation of other symbols, they call upon the fathomless depths of the Underworld, and Tartarus itself. Shadows are everywhere light touches, and also in places it cannot reach.