Since I’ve been making some significant changes to the way I’m looking at the combat attributes, I figured it would be a good idea to consolidate a revised list. I’ve also modified their nicknames for ease of use.

Alacrity (“speed”)
Prowess (“weight”)

Accuracy (“hitting”)
Precision (“critting”)

Stamina (“quantity”)
Vitality (“quality”)

Cunning (“theory”)
Finesse (“practice”)

Fortitude (“shrug”)
Reflexes (“twitch”)

Bearing (“unstoppable”)
Willpower (“immovable”)

Despite some of their connotations, all of the combat attributes are intended to represent qualities to be used offensively, not defensively. They’re sort of like a non-magical elemental chart, without weird rock-paper-scissors weaknesses.

I’m going to need to let my brain rest for a bit, but now that I think I’ve got the combat attributes sorted out, I’m going to work on defensive attributes. While the combat attributes are intended to be used by a character, the defensive attributes can be represented by environmental factors including cover and concealment.

A desire to add defensive characteristics to objects was one of the factors that convinced me to move away from the offense/defense split I had in the original attributes. The idea that a wall or building could stop an attack wasn’t supported. Hopefully, whatever I come up with for defense works better than before.