So, the working title for the RPGMaker project will be Infinite Arcades, which sounds cool and is totally lifted from either the second or third NaNoWriMo novel (one a sequel, the other a prequel) from last year. It was originally lifted from another RPGMaker project file, so the name has come full circle.

I want to do a lot of the things I talk about on this blog with the project. Individual pieces of equipment are intended to be more meaningful, not just accessories that you attach to your character and forget about. There will be some branching story paths which will be built around a sort of … scenario system … that lets you tackle bits of plot in whatever order feels natural to your play style.

I want to do away with the traditional money system of acquiring cash to pay for your stay at the inn or purchasing your new equipment. Instead, I’m looking at alternate systems of gaining stuff that doesn’t require killing monsters. I’m thinking about “swapping stories” as a means to gaining good will at inns and taverns — basically singing for your supper. As you travel, you gain stories, which is like building credit.

Most small towns and villages are hungry for news of what’s going on beyond their borders, so you can get your much-needed rest for an activity that’s part-and-parcel for a wandering adventurer … wandering. I’m also thinking about how to create and spread rumors as an implementation of the “Clap Your Hands If You Believe.” If you spread the rumors, they become true, as more people know about them.