In my notebook, I have a lopsided circle, and it is the source of a great deal of headache for me. This lopsided circle is the wheel of seven states, and there are lots of little notes around each of the states, including my thoughts on their symbols, their motives, their goals, and their form.

The entire reason I have the seven states is to create a world of philosophy and a consistent application of said philosophy throughout the game/series/et cetera.

I’ve talked a little bit about what came before the wheel of states, and how I wanted to improve on those concepts. Working on the “classes of the seven states” has actually helped me somewhat, to figure out what kinds of powers characters draw upon, and how the magic of the seven states ought to manifest.

The goals of opposing states don’t need to oppose one another exactly, because they’re meant to have a lot of overlapping interests and different ways of looking at themselves and those around them. So, the end result should be a wheel that turns itself. The motives of each state are complimentary, and they look nice on paper.

Once they get leveled against each other on the battlefield, though, they become weapons. While they sound nice when taken together, when one side decides to take what should be a virtue and prioritize it over others, particularly the choices of others, you get conflict. You get each side thinking it has the better idea.

I’ve gone through a couple iterations of the wheel, and I think I’m getting closer to the final version. I’ve been working on it, probably for well over a year now, I’d have to check my notebooks. Somewhere I have this cool drawing with a whole bunch of words written all over it, like a Venn Diagram with only one, big circle.