I had way more stuff at my mom’s house than I expected. It turned out to be nearly two full car loads (one in my mom’s car and one in the TARDIS). Carrying everything up to the apartment left me drained, but I found the energy to set up my desktop computer so it could begin downloading updates and stuff. I have my speaker system plugged into it for the first time in *checks calendar* literally a year.

It’s September, and I started blogging right about a year ago. I also moved out of the Murray apartment at the same time, and that’s the last time I actually had my speaker system plugged into my PC. There just wasn’t the room for it at the house, so I didn’t bother setting it back up once I had everything moved over.

I’d like to say that I went on a nice little trip down memory lane but I was too tired for that. My memory registered a miserable “putt putt,” coughed, and died, so instead, we’ll just look at the year in a broad retrospective sense without any specific highlights. I had a pretty regular stream of visitors to the comic.

Then, I started blogging about stuff. Movies, gaming and game design, conventions, magic and weird symbolism, … lots of stuff. Over the last couple months of the year, I made a concerted effort to clean up … everything about me. I got some nicer clothes to replace everything I had that was old or shabby-looking.

In November, I started applying some of the writing practices I developed working on Rumors of War, and discovered a sense of … I don’t know, personal mastery? Knowing me, I’d have let it all get to my head given time to settle in and get used to it, but life had another surprise in store for me.

I met cookiemonger and we hit it off immediately. Confident and bewildered, I was somehow both at the same time — it might be fair to say I still am. I appreciate the expression “life happens when you aren’t looking,” but it doesn’t apply. I was locked in a staring contest with life, and watched everything change overnight.

I’m in a place now where I feel like I could do everything I ever wanted to do, and I have the time in which do it. Maybe not all of it right now, but that’s what tomorrow’s for. Always before, there was this feeling of being rushed. Now it feels like there’s so much time, I’m moving so fast, life to catch up with me.