I want to share this link with everyone because it’s awesome. This guy, an illustrator and gamer, was asked by his eight-year-old son to run a Dungeons & Dragons adventure for his birthday. Already an awesome thing, but the dad wanted to make sure the game was fun without a huge learning curve. So what he did was simplify the mechanics and create some awesome character sheets.

When you go through the link, make sure you scroll down and check those character sheets out. Near as I can tell, he cherry-picked some interesting powers, renamed them and/or re-flavored them to appeal to a younger audience, and simplified the game mechanics so they worked closer to the way they read. It’s just awesome.

The character sheets are simple and crisp, and the character powers are evocative and easy to understand with minimal explanation. There’s some great variation between the characters, so it feels like each one is suitably unique.

There are six male characters in the original post, and if you follow the links, there are six female characters and a page for the three summoned creatures, all art in the same awesome style. If you read through the comments, he also talks about the adventure, inspired by Home Alone. What kid wouldn’t love that premise?

Oh, this artist is also responsible for some awesome Portal sidewalk art.