For a little over a week, I’ve been fighting this annoying chest cold. Or maybe it’s a summer flu, I don’t know. I feel weak and my body aches (maybe compounded by the fact that I just started exercising again), and I have this pathetic little cough. It isn’t even a real cough, it’s just this little wheezy thing that I get when my throat’s too dry, or when I talk a lot, or when I just run out of breath.

I don’t have a history of allergies, I’m not really allergic to anything that I know. I haven’t had a real illness, with headaches and vomiting and being bedridden and stuff since I was still in high school, and even then, I only got them about once a year. I don’t really get bedridden anymore, I just get cold and tired and achy when I get sick.

You know, if I had a “real” illness, I could justify not blogging on the weekends, like this last weekend. Instead I just feel kind of useless, ’cause I didn’t feel like doing much. Probably didn’t get enough water, or enough food or rest, which is all my own fault, really. I’m going to pick up some cold medicine from the store today, hopefully that will make it more manageable. Or at least help me feel less helpless about it.