No sooner than I write this entry about timing, but I’m thinking about circumstances under which it would be appropriate to manipulate the cost or value of cards. Well, mainly it had me thinking about numbers, and what’s fair, versus what’s fun, and what’s actually useful. I figured that as long as none of the card powers had the effects of breaking the math, it’s good. So I thought about the math.

Let’s say you have a card power that lets you activate a card of a particular class. Let’s say hunters, ’cause they’re a popular character archetype. You have a card that lets you activate a hunter, regardless of value. That’s really cool if it means you can activate a hunter that’s more valuable than your card. Due to how I’ve decided to divide duties between cards, you won’t get more than eighteen hunters in a deck.

Those hunters will be valued at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, which can be activated by 84, 69, 53, 38, 23, and 7 per cent of the cards in the deck. Let’s say you have one card (actually … four) that can activate eighteen hunters, then? Well, it will have the greatest possible effect on the most valuable cards — the 8, 10, and 12. And your activation rate will change by about 7 per cent for every four new activators.

Keep in mind, we’re talking about activation, not sponsorship. You still have to find a way to get your hunters out on the field in the first place.

So, let’s say that you have all eighteen of your hunters in the deck, and you actually have seven (a full cycle) of special hunter-activation cards. Your average activation rate before your shiny-new hunter-activators was about 45%, and after, it’s going to be … slightly higher. Keep in mind that some of the cards that now activate hunters regardless of value, could already activate lower-valued hunters.

So, my thought is that free activations are a no-no, but activation-regardless-of-value should and would be viable, within reasonable boundaries. I think that while classes tend to stick to their own suits, they can moonlight in their allied suits. (That’s how I came up with eighteen “possible” hunters.) I don’t think class-activators should show up outside the class’s primary suit, though. That would just be silly.