I’ve been fiddling around with the new role scheme I came up with, trying to find a place for it in the system. First I thought, “okay, it’s a new character stat that adds weaknesses to characters.” I decided I didn’t like that because weaknesses create bookkeeping for players — why should the player be forced to remember something that only exists for their opponents to exploit? That isn’t fun.

So then I thought, “instead, the role should dictate whereabouts in the numbers the character appears. It creates an additional layer of complexity in the advantages and disadvantages of roles.” But as I thought about it some more, it made less sense. One of the reasons for creating the characters is to play them.

Lots of card games have a four-of-a-kind rule that helps keep decks more interesting by forcing players to diversify the cards they use. Due to the nature of the Norvendae card game, it effectively has a one-of-a-kind card rule — you have to have four suits of thirteen cards each. That’s a pretty effective (not to mention sensible) limitation.

But then, what about these character cards the players are supposed to want to put on the field? If you can only have one or three representations of the character, what’s the point of having them in the deck at all? It’s so easy to lose them through Depletion, how are you ever supposed to get attached to them? How do you tell stories?

Once again, the answer was staring me in the face. Six cards. Six, even-numbered cards. In each cycle. A cycle’s theme ought to be built around one character. One single character. I remembered the combat attributes I devised, the skills, and the classes — all in multiples of six. Twelve attributes, twelve skills, twelve classes.

So, I had a wake-up slap in the face. What I have is six faces of a character in a cycle of thirteen cards. The remaining seven odd-numbered cards should all be actions the character can take based on those faces the character shows. Next I have to figure out how to differentiate between faces, and how to support them with other cards.