Picking up somewhere on the topic from yesterday, here there are a lot of different parts of people that are alive but out of phase, immortal, or whatever, all moving and changing all the time, and at some point a person becomes “dead,” versus whatever state they were in that was previously considered “alive.”

I’d have to argue that the dead person in question has just left a state of “active, functional.” Let’s look at what’s actually changed, from the point of view of the Seven States. The character’s essential nature and divine spark are effectively immortal, and certainly haven’t changed by them getting deaded. If their physical body is still in one piece, it will break down based on environmental factors.

The physical body represents (or is represented by) the Elemental state, which is so much dust and ash, to put it poetically. The primal state represents aversion and attraction (and the illusion thereof), and while a small change may have occurred in a person’s attraction to the living, this isn’t where the biggest change has taken place.

…The point I was trying to reach in raising the dead was supposed to be about expanding not just the idea of “What is alive?” but also “What is dead?” When you resuscitate someone, you expend a lot of energy, you break some things along the way, and you have a narrow window of opportunity. That, and it’s a temporary measure besides — they usually need additional care or they might suffer a relapse of death.

The mortal part. That can be fixed. We’ll get to how, later.