I decided to have another go at the Smith’s main power, because I think I came up with something a little more class-oriented: Synthesis. Creation is about putting things together. If you look at how I devised the Cleric and Scribe classes, I created them with a mind that they use whatever resources are handy, without an emphasis on acquisition. Oh, and the word synthesis is Greek.

Like Scribes with Symbols or Clerics with Channel, Smiths are about taking the resources in your Stockpile and doing something with them. Smiths take what’s available and forge something from them — which will vary depending on what the focus of the Smith is, and perhaps what sort of tools they have available.
(di — Which is similar in concept to what other classes do anyway.)

Unlike Scribes, which create empowered representations of their effects, and Clerics, which conjure up and focus the support of their respective powers, Smiths use their resources to actually make things, which provide the advantages of the power actually being there. They could be one-shot powers with a bigger effect, or long-term powers with a more gradual impact. Armor, buildings, fonts of power, you name it.

Smiths stand rank-and-file on the front of the arms race, with their creations defining the conditions under which they meet the enemy. Smith-specific concepts will probably include invention, upgrading equipment, varying item qualities and repairs, and reverse-engineering and copying the effects of enemy equipment. With the Cleric and the Scribe, Smiths form the core concept of “Victory through Superior Intellect.”