Updated information available in: Smiths With Synthesis.

I mentioned earlier today, a little bit about what the different roles classes and skills play, and that’s because I was psyching myself for the next class under consideration, the smith (associated skill: Creation). Lots of games these days have crafting rules, but most I’ve seen don’t really go for mid-combat crafting. Here, what I’m looking for is a combat craftsman. The MacGuyver of potion-mixers.

Originally, I thought that, as a defensive type, the smith should have a defensive ability, like “silo” or “storehouse,” (or maybe “stash”) where they could reserve or protect resources from being attacked. The first problem with that, is everything I came up with read as either too passive for my liking, or too complicated too be much fun.

When I got to thinking about it, a craftsman isn’t so much bound by what he can make (though that certainly plays a part) as what he has available to him. A lesser craftsman can use the same steel to make a weapon as the master craftsman (though of an obviously inferior quality), but neither one of them can work without the materials to do so. True, a better smith can make more with less, but that’s a bonus.

That’s actually where I got the idea for the defender pulling a defense out of the aether. Defensive classes can do more with less — making do even without the resources that offensive or supportive classes have. The offense leads the way, making the most of what’s already there, support makes more of the most, and defense digs deeper to make something where it looks like there’s nothing.