In light of the newest development in the smith class, I wanted to collect the different Wands classes by state, to give an overview of what’s been suggested, of both the skills, and the states themselves.

Cultures, Academics, and Creation are represented by elders, scholars, and masons in the natural state. These characters collect knowledge, people, and natural resources to grow and supply their communities. Their goals include acquisition and accumulation, invention, progress, and expansion overall.

The primeval state takes a different approach to these same skills. Druids, mesmers, and weavers nurture light and life in their oldest forms, taking only from the plentiful and existing in a harmonic world of color and feeling. They cultivate abundance, instinctual cooperation, and nonviolent coexistence wherever possible.

Monks, geometers, and shapers make draw their power from the elemental grid. Whether they’re tapping the ambient power suffusing the world, connecting to the ley lines, or plugging into the nodes themselves, they prefer the most straightforward approach to balancing the simple and the complex, and the gradual and impulsive.

The empyreal classes, the priest, invoker, and convoker, use the Cultures skill, and the skills of Academics and Creation, to commune with and beseech the aid of the gods, interpret and record their will, spread their message, and ultimately, serve as an extension of the gods’ will on the mortal plane.

Classes of the ethereal state draw on the powers of legacy, preserved on earth, and residing in the Underworld. Drawing on the histories and monuments of those who’ve come before, and projections of those to follow, animists, monikers, and egoists use their skills to share their knowledge, sow unity, and spread equality.

From before the beginning, and enduring after the end, the sidereal state offers power without limit, at the cost of harboring said power. Savants, alienists, and oculists use their skills to remind all that power begets power, and the true goal of power is to consume, and in doing so, acquire ever more power.

Binders, casters, and forgers draw power from the spectral state, the between-places, learning their craft from the creatures imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus. They use their skills to imitate, manipulate, and recreate those things that are lost or hidden, plumbing the depths and pushing the boundaries ever outward.