So, I previously left off about halfway through Headstone Mine, thinking that when I loaded up the game this morning, I’d start right there … no, not really. I misunderstood the checkpoint/save point system. I started right back at the beginning of the mine. Oh well, that just means I get more loot and more experience, right? Darn tootin’ — I plowed right through the first section in almost no time.

I’d forgotten how many weapon crates there were for the area. There are already a ton of ammo crates, lockers, and dumpsters, but the number of weapon crates in addition to that is unreal. I suppose it makes sense for a “boss zone,” but it seems ridiculous to me. I made an easy forty thousand dollars selling all the extra weapons, shields, and grenade mods I found.

The level range for enemies in the area was two to five below me, but they seemed tougher than normal. Again, I guess that makes sense for a boss area, but I also wonder if I’m lagging behind in either my weapon damage or shields. Er, then I remembered that a single close-range shotgun blast (or three) is more than enough to take out most enemies within a couple levels of me. (Headshots are best.)

Sledge proved to be ridiculously easy when I got to him. As soon as I entered the room, I set down my turret and just pumped shotgun round into his face until one of his psychos got close to me. I would take out the psycho and then go back to blasting Sledge. The turret took out most of his shield so I think I actually came out of the fight without a scratch on me. I turned in the quest and took a look at the next area.

So far, my expectations for the next area are … uh, well, they’re looking up. I drove around through the Dahl Headlands (I had to look up the word headland and I’m thinking they mean “border”) and I’m wondering about the ominous message from the Crimson Lance or whatever they were called. I have a feeling they’re going to present themselves as a menace like the Enclave/Talon Company from Fallout 3.

My first venture into the Dahl Headlands saw me clearing the first “hang time” challenge when I boosted off a conveniently-placed ramp, and I was immediately accosted by no fewer than four raider-laden vehicles. My own vehicle quickly caught fire and I hopped out before it could explode, then proceeded to gun down each enemy vehicle one-by-one. It seemed … kind of on the easy side.

That’s all I’ve seen of the Dahl Headlands so far, and my impression is … still waiting to be made. I’m glad to see more vehicles, though.