How about a name of its own?

So, I put some thought into it, and came up with some alternative names for the zones in play. I had Destiny and the Outskirts to start with, and talking with cookiemonger yesterday evening got me thinking about them from a worldbuilding angle. I’d like all the zones to have names of approximately the same length and heft. The same cadence. I might not get that, but I have somewhere to go-from.

Fortune Destiny, cards called “destiny,” also “lot”
* Changed my mind, I prefer Destiny.
Commons, cards called “resources”
Field, cards called “reserves”
Flux, cards are “exhausted”
Limbo, cards are “exiled,” maybe “lost”

I wanted names that could be considered generic and didn’t carry with them the connotations of too many other games, I changed the name all of their names. Also, there’s a clear distinction between the name of the zone and the cards that are in it. Resources (natural, magical, human, and otherwise) are found in the Commons until they’re used. From there they go to the Field, are when exhausted, the Flux.

For a while, I wanted to call the discard pile Limbo, with “removed from play” remaining the Outskirts. I realized that because I didn’t refer to the Outskirts mechanically, it was more awkward to use in conversation than I was previously aware. Also, Limbo isn’t really a Greek mythology-type word, but Tartarus is on the extreme side (you have to be pretty bad to go there…) and “Underworld” is a mouthful.

Outskirts is also a zone in Arkham Horror. (That’s originally why I chose it.) Fortunes can be good or bad, and Commons has an old-world feel to my ear. Now I can have “Field Effects,” and I like the sound of cards being “in Flux” when they’re waiting to be recycled. Limbo has acquired more modern connotations that are less Purgatory-related. The choices are a mix of old and new ideas, and I like that.

Now to revise the player powers to reflect the changes.