I revised the player powers again to take into account changes in the names of several zones (read: most of them).

DEVELOPMENT [Standard, Limited]
Reveal 1, 2, or 3 destiny, and add their values together. If the total value of revealed destiny is greater than 21, choose +1 to add to your commons, then exhaust the remainder.

DIVINATION [Standard, Limited]
Each player may draw +1 lot, then reveal +3 destiny. If you win the draw, reveal an extra +1 destiny. (If you have no destiny at the start of your turn, you lose the game.)

Commit +1 resource to sponsor +1 resource. If you have more than five reserves in the field, exhaust reserves from the field until five remain.

DEPLETION [Standard]
Activate +1 reserve, then choose a player. The target player must exile +1 resource with value greater than your reserve. If they can’t, they must instead exile +1 destiny.

Activate +1 reserve, draw +1 lot, and add their values together. Choose a reserve. If the target reserve’s value is less than the total value of your reserve, its player must exile destiny equal to the difference.

RESTORATION [Standard, Limited]
Recycle your flux, then end your turn. (Until the start of your next turn, you may only use reaction powers.)

Exhaust +1 reserve and choose a player. The next time target player must exile one or more cards, reduce the number of cards that player must exile to zero.

When a player draws lot, you may stake +1 destiny and add its value to the value of target lot or reserve. If the targeted lot loses, exile your stake.

There have been some changes to the wording here and there to reflect the kind of wording I’ve been using while designing cards for the game. I might wind up revising the player powers once a month or so to make sure the current versions are up-to-date with whatever card powers I’m designing at the time.