While I was working on a list of different examples of the cleric class, I got to thinking about the differences between the Cultures and Intuition skills, and why it seemed so difficult to separate cleric concepts (Cultures) from mystic concepts (Intuition). I reexamined Cultures and Intuition, and tried to compare the methods of the two classes to understand their functional differences.

What I think I finally realized was that I had assigned Divination and Development incorrectly. The Cups suit, is generally more ally-friendly than the other suits, and Development is a power that seems more in line with the methodical approach of Wands. Switching the two would enable Cups to link Divination with Intuition, which makes more sense to me. Wands gets Development out of the deal.

This setup actually works really well for me the more I think about it. Academics, Creation, and Cultures are, to me, much more straightforward, building-type skills that focus and build toward a specific goal rather than create an open environment where everyone can mingle and flourish. (Essentially what Divination does.)

Of course, this means I’m going to need to rethink most of the divisions of clerics I came up with, using the new Development mentality, but I think it allows for a great deal of interaction between the Intuition skill and Divination player power. I’m still wondering about the other skills — Perception and Survival, and how they’ll interact with Divination instead of Development.

Nothing comes to mind at the moment, though I don’t see how either of those skills interacts with Development much, either. I see them both of them interacting with the Consignment Regeneration power, recycling and/or recovering exhausted cards more often than simply drawing them. Of course, that could change at any time. *shrug*