Since playing Deadly Sin, I have this overwhelming urge to work on an RPGMaker project. I was thinking to myself, “Just think on it as you would the webcomic. Set the entry level really low and use your writing talents to make up for lack of graphical talents. All you have to do is make one great game, and a dedicated artist will come looking for you. You just have to make one game.”

My thoughts can be a little persuasive, but I maintain that I need to wrap up “To Catch A Goat” and catch up on Rumors of War first. It’s just how things have to be. If it takes me a month, two months, or more, so be it. I’m putting my habit of abandoning projects behind me. I have to set aside the time for them, to make sure they get done.

But I do like to think about what I would do, if I had the time to work on one. It gives me something to write about in my journal, at the very least, and it gives me something to moon over on my blog. I’m toying with the idea of opening up my “Test Game” file where I fiddle with the RPGMaker mechanics to see if I can produce a specific effect.

Yesterday’s entry, “Resistance and Vulnerability,” was almost specifically geared toward the idea of an RPGMaker project. Those thoughts are still stewing in the back of my mind. I want to get in and tweak some numbers, to see if I can create some compelling gameplay. Characters and stories, I can do. Coaxing some compelling gameplay out of the RPGMaker engine takes more time and effort.