Last night, after we picked up my friend Don from the airport, had ourselves a game of Risk: Godstorm and some dinner, I taught him the rules for the Norvendae card game. We played through a couple quick rules explanations and then played our first protracted game. Beside just being a good player, I love working with him because he poses really good questions.

We talked about the game on both a strategic and tactical level throughout the playtest, and I saw him try a couple interesting maneuvers I wouldn’t have considered. (Must make a mental note to support such tactics with cards in the future.) What I think was the most fun working with Don was peeling back layers of strategy, one at a time, to uncover still-deeper levels of rules interactions. Yay for nerds. *snerk*

The game is ridiculously easy to teach and play. It might not make too much sense trying to read the rules the way they appear in text, so again I’m thinking I need to create a demo video to teach people how to play the game. Maybe if we have some time while we’re on our honeymoon, cookiemonger and I can hash out a guide for teaching new players, and we can make a video or three when we come home.