I was mulling over card powers yesterday and was again trying to figure out where to draw the line between the suits. What is a class power? What is a suit power? As I see them, classes can “cross the boundaries” between different suits, and they may be able to bring to one suit card powers that might normally be exclusive to another. But which powers?

I’m going to be consolidating a list of card powers that I want to support with the first edition of the game and the first few expansions. Right now I kind of envision the game expanding along a similar rate to Magic, with an edition update once a year, followed by three expansions before the next edition update. It feels “regular” enough to make me happy. Once I establish a firm development cycle … fear me.

I’m negotiating with myself over what card powers are fun to play with, and which ones are going to be too intense for the first edition of the game. Not that I think gamers are morons (first of all, I’d be insulting myself), but I don’t want to sell the core game short: I think I designed a pretty tight set of rules. I’d hate for them to be glossed over for “the new thing” right out the door.

One of the reasons I created game terms that were different from the player powers that utilize them (compare “divine” and “develop” to “reveal”) was so that while Divination and Development might get buffs solely from their supporting suits (Wands and Cups, respectively), any suit could reveal Destiny using the right card powers.

So Wands “divines” Destiny and Cups “develops” it. Swords “depletes” Resources, and Coins “banishes” them. Cups “consigns” cards, while everyone else recycles them. All suits can reveal cards, reserve them, exhaust them, and exile them. The next question is, where do we go from here? At some point I need to determine what kinds of powers belong to the classes. More than just flavor, one hopes.

Actually, I’ve been working with the combat attributes and the defender concept to come up with a combat system that can be shared by all suits. The different classes will have different functions under the combat system (which will be a complete subsystem in the game, not unlike the Magic combat system). One of the tricks will be figuring out how to incorporate popular mechanics like feinting and disarming.