Cookiemonger and I consolidated our phone plans with T-Mobile. I got a new phone … whatever the cheap, easy thing was, since I live in the stone age where phones are used to make calls to people. I am fiddling with the texting thing now, though, ’cause auto-complete is a beast in and of itself. I do think I appreciate the instantaneous nature of the text. It really is like messaging via AIM or Skype … kinda.

Cookiemonger got a smart phone which will allow her to do some basic email stuff. I’m not sure if it’ll do ‘Net as well. I know we were looking at it, and I remember the guy we spoke to at CostCo looked up WordPress connectivity for me. I figure once the blog is bigger … I don’t know, maybe this time next year … I might actually get a phone that will let me update wherever I am in the world.

I have this hope that at some point, people will want to see me at conventions. Not just because of the event I might be running, but me — actually me. Maybe they know me from the blog and the webcomic, or maybe they know me from something else. The new age of media really allows people to have multiple projects running simultaneously across the entire spectrum. But I still want my conventions!

Stuff that I really haven’t taken the time to migrate over (or even bring up in the blog) includes most of the other game design I’ve done in the past (using Klik & Play and Multimedia Fusion, but also RPGMaker and a couple others), writing projects (poetry and the like) and some art. It isn’t like everything I’ve done is great … most isn’t. But I have the urge to consolidate it. (Even the poetry…)