We technically don’t have a view of the seaside yet, but cookiemonger and I are in our hotel in Seattle, and this is totally my first blog post in a week. *smirk* The flight went smoothly enough, and the air in Seattle actually reminds me a lot of California … California in October, maybe. If this is the height of summer, maybe I’ve found a climate I might actually belong. *snerk*

The last week has been shades of hectic and dreamlike, with the big move last Friday, the wedding on Saturday, all the hustle and bustle of moving about, unpacking, and organizing the apartment. Family outings. Setting up accounts with the bank, insurance … we’ve done so much in the last few days, and now we have a week to ourselves to just relax. Wednesday was so crazy we’re sort of lucky to be here now.

On our way to AAA, cookiemonger noticed the lights on the dashboard were out, and the speedometer wasn’t working. We pulled into a (conveniently nearby) SEARS auto center and called her dad for help. He’s a car guy, and he was kind enough to drive the thirty-to-forty minutes it took to get to us and walk us through the process of consulting with a mechanic. And making all the phone calls.

First we called the used car place where cookimonger got the car, then the local Nissan dealership that had technicians who could deal with the problem. I stood next to her as she got transferred around several times between people who couldn’t or wouldn’t help us. It wasn’t the most encouraging of situations.

We did eventually find someone who would help us with the car, and in the meantime, the mechanic figured out how to reset the entire electrical system which had gone kaput since we arrived and prevented us from starting the car at all. So, we got out of the auto center without needing to pay for or replace anything. That was a nice perk.

So, we still had time to look for the AAA insurance place. It was an hour later than we hoped, but we could still make it before they closed … if we could only find it. We drove around the block, then went north a little and drove around the block. It wasn’t until we parked grocery store lot that we spotted the AAA store across the street. ‘Course, the only reason we saw it was ’cause of the big “We’ve Moved!” banner.

Not only did we make it to the new AAA location before they closed (we were getting pretty close to four o’clock by then), but we found out they’d extended their hours and we had plenty of time to set up an account. The lady who set up her account was nice, and she talked about her kids from her first marriage and her new fiancee. *chuckles* We told her about our move and our cruise.

We’ve gotten so much done in the last week, it’s sort of amazing how we just keep plowing through things. I ought to sort out some of what’s happened here, so you have an idea what I’m on about. Just that we had a lot going on. (I mean, duh, of course we did, but seriously, we had a lot going on.)