It’s been a week since cookiemonger and I moved into our new apartment. We picked out the apartment together and got everything squared away so we could move in the day before the wedding. I mean, trying to move in the day before our wedding is pretty far from ideal, but we thought it was better than trying to move after the wedding, when we’re supposed to relax and reduce months of stress.

We packed up most of our stuff and loaded some into the TARDIS (cookiemonger’s Nissan Altima), then took off ahead of the rest of the group so we could put down the rest of our first month’s rent and pick up our keys. Only, when we got there, we found out they weren’t expecting us to move in until Monday. Talk about awkward…

When I spoke to them the week before, they tried to tell me our move-in date was Monday, not Friday, so I asked when it had been decided and why we weren’t informed. Rather than answering my questions, she insisted that our move-in date had always been Monday. Well, then she was able to find a record that indicated otherwise.

So, come move-in time, they were still expecting us Monday, but had insisted we could move in on Friday. It turned out the reason we couldn’t move in just yet was because they were replacing the carpet and all of the blinds. So, we asked when they’d be done with the carpet and blinds, and if we could move in after that. They were kind enough to lend us a garage as a temporary place to put our stuff.

We got everything moved into the garage quite quickly, moved a couple more odd things after our movers dispersed, then went to pick up my tuxedo, and the suits for Alex and Don. We went to Jamba Juice after a little driving-madness in Sugarhouse, and by then the carpets were done. (di — It feels like I’m missing something.)

Don, cookiemonger, and I all went and ferried items from the garage to the apartment, then hurried over to the rehearsal and dinner. After going over the ceremony, we headed back to the apartment to arrange furniture and such, and were joined by cookiemonger’s family that evening. Don stayed and chatted with me until late after everyone else went home. I love my Don. :) We stayed that night in the apartment.