So, we set up a shuttle to pick us up and take us to the pier where our cruise is — but the guy at the front desk apparently didn’t finish setting it up, and when we showed up at nine-thirty for our shuttle, no shuttle showed. We talked to the woman at the front desk and she couldn’t figure out who he’d spoken to or when we were supposed to be picked up.

So… we set up another shuttle to pick us up. There’s another family that’s supposed to be picked up at the same time, so with some luck, the shuttle company will have a little more investment to, I don’t know, actually show up for us. *snerk*

Now, the cruise wants us there three hours early, and the first shuttle would have gotten us there six hours early. This second shuttle will get us to the pier four hours early, so we’ll still be early. Did I know that when I arranged for the shuttle ahead of time? Nope! I chalk it up to my superhero-levels of preparedness.

It’s usually in your best interest to bank on other people screwing up, because you have no control over them. All you can really do is show up early and hope for the best. The earlier you are, the more time there is to fix any potential mistakes. This way, we’re still going to show up early to the cruise dock. They might even still be unloading the previous passengers when we arrive. *snerk*

Cookiemonger is taking it a little hard. I don’t think she’s used to this get-the-bad-stuff-out-of-the-way-first method that I am. I’m used to showing up early and waiting around for people to fix things the way they were supposed to be, but it still looks like things are being fixed after the fact. I know the waiting can be nerve-wracking.

People screw up all the time, and I think it’s best to remain in good cheer despite that. It makes the whole process run more smoothly, and people are much more willing to help someone who’s cheerful and willing to work to fix a mistake than someone who gets in their face. I don’t like to demand reparations when people in the service industry make mistakes. I’ve been in the service industry. It sucks.