I am a big nerd. I love the Guild Wars necromancer and I intend to play the human descendent of my original necromancer in Guild Wars 2. As a fan of all things death magic-related, I stumbled upon this website, NecroBator, dedicated to the Guild Wars 2 necromancer. Did I mention that I’m a big nerd?

I’ll admit that I only glanced over the site while I was there, but I saw a link to something titled “20 minutes of necromancer underwater combat” or something like that, and I knew I was going to have to come back. I might never have time to play, but I watch and listen for cool necromancer news whenever it pops up. I don’t get excited about anything … especially game hype … and this has me a little warm under the collar. (I do mean that in a good way, though.)

It should come as no surprise that I dig death magic in games if you’ve been reading the blog since the beginning. You can still see the now somewhat-defunct “Symbol of Death” blog category (which I think will eventually move to “Start in a Tavern”) and “Necromancy” was among the first cards I came up with for the Norvendae game.

So, don’t be surprised when necromancy shows up in the first few editions and expansions of the card game, ’cause it’s totally at the top of my interests. Ghosts, spirits, shades, zombies, ghouls, graveyards, vampires, life-drain, blood rites, the Underworld … all that fun macabre stuff. And again … I’m a big nerd.