You know a small change that would make Drakengard instantly better? Giving the player the experience points for their kills even if they die in a mission. I don’t know what the reasoning behind “lose your progress when you die” mentality is, and I don’t care. It’s stupid and outmoded, and it was stupid and outmoded when the game was being developed in the early 2000s.

I’ve died twice in the game so far, each time losing more than thirty minutes of play time. Of course, in that time, I learned the layout of the map and what to expect from the enemies I fought — but that’s hardly worth it. That’s time I can’t get back and what did I get for playing the game? I invested time in playing the game and the returns for that time weren’t worth it. It’s why I put down the game the first time.

I’m sure there’s a crowd of people who would say that it’s a game that’s meant to be difficult and hardcore and yadda yadda, bored now. No, you know what? “Lose your progress when you die” should be an optional mode of play, like a difficulty setting. There’s “Hardcore Mode” in Diablo 2 (released in 2000), for instance, which gives you greater rewards. But if you die once, it’s game over for that character.

I have no idea if the sequel has the same problem, but it isn’t like I’m planning on purchasing the sequel anyway. I have this thing about eventually beating every game I own (which I’ve made fair progress on, I’ll say) and I tend not to buy games I don’t intend to finish. There’ve been a few, but I’ve blocked those out of my memory.