Continued from earlier post. Not to be confused with “power word” spells.

Keyword card powers:

Inviolability (While reserved, block all powers that target this card.)

Defender (While reserved, block opponents’ powers that target this card.)

Non-keyword card powers:

Readied; while reserved, each turn you may block the first power that targets this card.

I modified the first power from my previous post, renaming it and including the term “block,” to make it possible to circumvent it with an “unblockable” power. Inviolable is as inviolable does, after all. I want “immortal” and “indestructible” to be separate keywords at some point, and it makes sense to allow for bypasses. “Desecration” might be a targeting-neutral, board-wide effect that strips cards of inviolability.

Desecration [Oblivion, Intent]
Instant; exhaust to cause reserves to lose inviolability until end of turn.

The second power, which kept the “defender” name, was reworded slightly to put its action, “blocking” immediately after its condition, “while reserved.” Finally, due to the complexity of both powers, I combined the two versions of “defend” to create a fairly generic shielding power. Because it requires a choice of activation (non-static), it has action timing. (Instant before Quick, Quick before Readied.)

I’m not sure how I’m going to handle the evolution of some card powers. There are some powers that I’d like to make keywords right away, since keywords are easier to streamline, but they also require consideration when it comes to the eventual inclusion of the attachment power, as it currently confers keyword abilities to its target.

I was also thinking that it’d be fun to have certain divisions of the inviolability power, to go along with vows and taboos such. For instance, you might have “inviolability (metal)” to mimic 3.5 D&D druids who disdain the touch of metal, and “inviolability (undead)” for certain priests or clerics. Perhaps less specifically, you could have “inviolability (equipment)” to represent vows of poverty, or “inviolability (magic).”