Since I had the idea yesterday, I’ve tried several different phrasings to make the card interactions work properly. The basic idea goes like this: each class has a role and each role favors several combat attributes. One of the defining features of each class is its primary skill and how the class applies its primary skill across a variety of circumstances. (While talking, fighting, and so forth.)

I’m examining card powers can be used on a tactical basis, say, neutralizing one type of card with another, a la “sunder” (or Shatter) removing an object from the stockpile or resources. Now, to go the step beyond that, in addition to the basic sunder effect, the card would be a class-based maneuver which could be used to activate a card of its associated class. That’s where things would get fun.

Let’s say you have a “raging barbarian” persona in the field, and you wind up with a “sundering rampage” card in your stockpile. Normally, you could exhaust “sundering rampage” to simply take out an opponent’s object (like a weapon, armor, or potion), but because the card has a “barbarian association,” you could use it to activate your “barbarian” (for Depletion, let’s say) and also remove an object.

In this way, the cards are designed to key off each other. The idea is that you can get a lesser standard effect, but with the right cards reserved, you score big with bonus activations and stuff. There can be other, simpler effects, too. Certain “quick draw” effects would allow you to activate and attach a weapon, for instance. Others cards, like “rally the troops,” might reserve an ally right out of your stockpile.