I caught a stomach bug shortly after lunch, which just about wiped my energy. My system isn’t acting up and I’m slowly recovering, but my energy levels have crashed hard. Updates for the rest of the day are going to be slow.

You know what it makes me think of, though? Food, poison, and disease. Poison was a prevalent method of murder from before the start of the calendar through the middle ages. Poison technology advanced much faster than effective countermeasures, which made lots of people really paranoid for a long time.

Ideally, you wanted a poison that would kill only your target. Poisons that acted slowly (so the taster didn’t immediately succumb) and were difficult to counteract were best. I imagine knowledge of allergies became more widely understood during this time, as sages, biologists, and philosophers tried to figure out why people were dying.

I sort of picture poison working like this:

Poisoned Goblet [Gear, Poison]
Readied; exhaust this card. The next time target reserve would activate, its player exhausts it instead.

I actually wasn’t sure how to word this power, so I split the action and the requirement off in one sentence and followed it with the power’s text in a second sentence. I mean, it should parse well enough, it’s just on the unprecedented side in terms of card powers. Some of the player powers are organized that way, but they’re more complex.