You know when there’s this hype about an Internet phenomenon and you really don’t want to be a part of it? Maybe it’s just me. I’m sure there are some other people out there who like to pick and choose what Internet memes they get taken in by, but you know, I never had any interest in Angry Birds.

One of the last couple days of our cruise, cookiemonger and I arrived early for lunch. Like, early early. Not only were we about twenty minutes early for the normal lunch hour, but the lunchtime had been pushed back another thirty minutes because our ship was docking and people were expected to be disembarking.

We didn’t want to go back to our cabin as a queue was already forming for lunch. We didn’t want to lose our place in line (we were hungry), so we decided to wait. That left us with almost an hour to kill, and I hadn’t brought anything to keep me busy while we waited. Cookiemonger had her shiny Android phone, though.

She loaded Angry Birds and I watched her play for a while. You know how people tend to get annoyed when you lean over their shoulder and give them advice while they’re playing Solitaire or FreeCell? Well, cookiemonger isn’t like that in the slightest. We got through a couple levels like that, and then she handed the game to me.

…And she hooked me. I’d watched her play the game before, and I’d watched other people play it, but this must have just been like the food-to-a-starving-person effect. There was nothing else for me to do while we waited, and the game was ridiculously fun. I actually stayed up late one night so I could keep playing.

I think I can keep my urges in check as long as the game is only available to me through CM’s phone. I can’t allow myself a phone or tablet that can run it, or I will probably lose sleep until I’ve beaten every available level.