I started with the cleric, because it seemed like the class to start with — everything I’ve come up with is tentative, and I’ve given certain types of clerics nicknames to help me identify which types are inspired by what sources. Clerics, as the leader class of Wands, empower other cards and modifies the usage of the Development and Forfeiture powers.

Clerics of the natural state are called elders. They are often senior members of the town or village they live in, and they channel resources into development projects that benefit the citizens and community at large.

Primeval clerics are called druids. Traditionally dedicating themselves to a particular grove of trees or other wooded land where primeval magic is strong, they channel the power of the wild lands to protect and nurture their growth.

(Note: female clerics of the primeval state are also called dryads when dedicated to a tree or group of trees, or naiads when dedicated to a river, spring, or lake.)

Monks are elemental clerics. They are the keepers and guardians of balance, channeling chaos into harmony and order and vice versa. Many adhere to precepts of non-interference, but others act locally to maintain and protect their communities.

Clerics of the empyreal state are referred to as priests. They are the most common type of cleric encountered, next to elders. They order the construction of temples, interpret the will of the gods, and channel divine power.

Clerics of the ethereal state are animists. They channel the power of living, dead, and unborn spirits, obeying the will of their ancestors and charting the course for their descendents. They are custodians of the Veil Between Worlds.

Savants are clerics of the sidereal state. They hear the whispers from beyond the stars and interpret the will of heroes and monsters placed there by the gods. Mortal clerics of the sidereal state are rare(ly sane), as are those of the umbral state.

Finally, there are the binders, clerics of the spectral state. They channel the power of the Underworld and those that dwell within it, as well as those that dwell beneath it — titans, monsters, and other beings of terrible power that dwell within Tartarus.