Earlier today I determined what the primary leader power should be (more about the roles here), and while I still haven’t determined exactly what the primary striker power is going to be, I decided I needed to work on one of the striker roles. I chose one of the less-developed classes, the scribe. Scribes use Academics, but what they do with the skill isn’t very well defined…

I previously wrote that primeval scribes use Academics to achieve enchantment and illusion effects using symbols, which I think is a pretty groovy idea. There are some precedents in Dungeons & Dragons and some other games that are along the lines of hypnotists, illusionists, and enchanters. The important thing, though, is that they affect their powers through the study and use of symbols.

Basically what we have are a bunch of wizard specializations, what with their committed study to the philosophy of symbols and representations, the interpretation of those symbols, and their use for affecting change on the world around them. As the cleric channels power granted to them by their power source, so scribes create a likeness of the power they draw, which is then imbued with magic.

I have some ideas, here and there, of what kinds of spell effects scribes might use, such as explosive runes, secret page, sepia snake sigil, and symbol of death. In addition to that, they’ll be able to create a hypnotic pattern or scintillating pattern. Confusing, distracting, mesmerizing in general. I have a direction to go in, at least. I think they should prove to be an interesting group of classes.