The following is an updated and consolidated list of the player powers I devised for the card game I’m designing and developing. Some of the powers have undergone minor phrasing revisions, while others (namely Intercession) have undergone significant mechanical revision.

Where you see a “+n” notation, it indicates a value that can be expected to receive modification at some point during character creation. I’m still in the process of working out what kinds of things will go on a character sheet, and how they figure alongside the deck of cards that’s also supposed to represent the character.

DIVINATION [Standard, Limited]
Each player may draw +1 lot, then reveal +3 Destiny. If you win the draw, reveal an extra +1 Destiny. (If you have no Destiny at the start of your turn, you lose the game.)

DEVELOPMENT [Standard, Limited]
Reveal 1, 2, or 3 Destiny. If the total value of revealed destiny is greater than 21, choose +1 to add to Resources, then exhaust the rest.

Commit +1 resource to sponsor +1 resource. (If you have more than five cards in your Reserves at any time, instantly exhaust cards until you have only five remaining.)

DEPLETION [Standard]
Activate +1 reserve, and target player must exile +1 resource of greater value. If they can’t, they must instead exile +1 Destiny.

Activate +1 reserve, draw +1 lot, and add the values together. If the total is greater than the value of target reserve, its player must exile Destiny equal to the difference.

CONSIGNMENT [Standard, Limited]
Recycle your Exhaust, then end your turn. (Until all the other players have ended their turns and your next turn starts, you may only use reaction powers.)

The next time target player must exile one or more cards, exhaust +1 reserve to reduce the number of cards that must be exiled to zero.

The next time a player draws lot, stake +1 destiny, and add its value to the value of target lot or reserve.

You can see here that I’ve revised Intercession to be much, much more flexible than it was before. Though it might not make sense to intercede when an opponent is using Divination (though at some point it actually might), you can intercede on behalf of any reserve when a player draws lot as part of the Banishment power.

Ugh, going is kind of slow at the moment because I don’t know how the game plays, except in theory. I can only speculate so much before I need to actually see the game in play and see where and how it breaks. I can keep tweaking phrasing in powers and revising definitions, but eventually I’m going to run out of stuff to fiddle with.