I called around to the places on the list I created, and I actually got a couple pretty friendly people. I got as much information as I could, though I went through to voicemail on a couple of them, and one place just left me ringing for over a minute, so I hung up and crossed them off my list. Most of the places wanted to know how many bedrooms I was wanted, and I realized I didn’t know.

I got office hours for nearly every place I called, and it looks like most of them will close between five and six tomorrow, which means we’ll probably get two, maybe three hours of apartment hunting, depending on when and how we’re able to start. If we wind up crisscrossing the city, I don’t know how many of them we’ll be able to visit. Still, talking to people was kind of encouraging though I don’t know much about what we want.

Calling around was weird. The first couple calls were kind of shaky, but by the third or fourth call I made, I had a rhythm down, and I think I finished all of my calls in less than thirty minutes. And that was with one lady going on and on about all the specials they had while I nodded and smiled (over the phone, anyway) and waited for her to finish. I’m looking forward to tomorrow — and I really need to get a lot more sleep.

I wonder about the next couple years. Will either of us manage to publish something? What kind of opportunities will we find? Will we take advantage of them? Will we begin our family the way we’ve talked about, or will something else come up? Will we stay in Salt Lake, or will we move somewhere else? I have a lot of questions for the future … destiny that will have to be revealed one divination or development at a time.