Before I ever allowed myself to mix non-human creatures (even animals) in the stories set in the Rumors of War ‘verse, I wanted to make sure I had a foundation for methods of thought that weren’t really human. I mean, it’s one thing to have opposing philosophical views, but I wanted something much closer to Blue and Orange Morality for all of my non-human characters.

It might have something to do with the fact that I was rereading the tropes related to Low Fantasy last night and it got me thinking on a completely different mental tack than where I would normally be for writing “To Catch A Goat” (which will update this afternoon, by the way). I have a strong desire to write high-magic low fantasy stories, but for that I need to understand why magic exists and how it works.

I don’t believe in magic. It’s my own belief which means you don’t have to agree with me. But it means that for magic to exist in the world that I’m writing, the world has to be fundamentally different from the one I live in. To make it different from the world I live in, there need to exist things that I don’t understand and that don’t make sense to me. For me to make them, I have to understand them.

That last point has taken years for me to develop. Trying to expand my understanding of different thinking and reasoning methodologies, making and breaking philosophies for things that don’t exist. The Seven States was the prototype cosmology I intended to build around, which included everything I understood representing roughly fifteen percent of what actually existed in the setting.

It’s been a difficult, uphill battle, but I think I’ve finally made the next step in designing a world that works for me. As long as I believe in what the characters can do, and are doing, I think I can write it believably. And that helps you to read it. :)