One of the things I love about taking a Wiki Walk is how a lot of my readings lead back to earlier research subjects. While I was in the process of reading about Ancestor Veneration in China, amid other Chinese spiritual concepts, I stumbled across a curious form of divination called Coscinomancy. I read over the description, and apparently it was practiced in Ancient Greece.

The article leaves a lot to be desired — I read it several times and I’m still not sure what exactly was supposed to happen, or even what the ritual might have looked like. Only that it involves a sieve and shears, apparently. It sounds pretty cool, and even includes potentially summoning up demons and using the Mordor speech, but I can’t glean much more than that. It’s actually kind of disappointing.

You know what it did for me, though? I got a couple cool ideas for a cards and card abilities, based on the Divination player power, and based partially on a combination of traditional methods of divination and Magic’s “sacrifice” mechanic. Here’s the first card ability, which I’ll simply refer to as “sacrifice” for the time being.

Sacrifice (While this card is in your Resources, you may forfeit it as though it were reserved.)

Forfeiture is a Wands power, so you’ll probably only find Sacrifice on cards of the Wands suit. We’ll see how it works out once I’ve designed some more card abilities, though. The next item is a card concept. I intend for it to be a powerful reserve card that keys off Sacrifice and serves as the basis for a whole series of cards.

Necromancy [Divination, Ritual]

Divination 1 (While reserved, whenever you reveal Destiny as part of Divination, you may reveal an extra +1 Destiny.)

Whenever you sacrifice a spirit, you may reveal +1 Destiny.

I’m envisioning loads of cards inspired by different forms of divination.

This card is intended to be the first shot in a salvo against the popular depiction of Necromancy as the magic of raising the dead. I prefer to view Necromancy as a form of divination, leaving the animation of corpses a completely separate class of magic. Probably something along the lines of “Animate Dead” or “Create Undead.”