In an effort to rekindle my research of early civilization, I thought I’d take a look at Ancient China. I’m not sure why China came to the forefront of my mind when it came time to pick a topic to read about, but it captured my attention and I threw myself into the reading with a vigor I haven’t felt in some months.

My source is, of course, Wikipedia. The topic: Shang Dynasty.

I shouldn’t be so surprised that China made a logical choice of reading — I would consider Chinese media a great place to turn to for examples of interactions between honor, hospitality, and state and the roles they place in society and culture. Back in October 2010, I mentioned Wuxia, among other things, as a genre to look to for its complex interactions between honor, hospitality, and so forth.

I figure, in the process of all this, I should do more reading on Wuxia and how the genre evolved, since it’s one of the forms I draw inspiration from. Since I don’t really have a background in history, let alone Chinese history, this should prove to be pretty informative. Eventually. Hopefully. *fingers crossed*

I previously attempted to do some reading of the history of India and Hindu mythology, which proved difficult because I couldn’t find an entry point. I’m thinking now that if I want to get into the culture, I should probably see some Bollywood films … it always feels like there’s so much that I’m missing. I have a feeling I’ll need to look into Persian culture as well, to give myself a broader picture of how the world has grown.

So much to do … so much…