I’ve been posting here regularly for nearly a year at this point, and often enough that I long ago lost track of things that I’ve said, and so I’m always kind of curious when someone I’m not familiar with started following me on Twitter or FaceBook or something. I remember months back when I got a mention on another blog for having written something related to TaleSpin.

In that case, it took almost no time at all to figure out what it was that got my site mentioned, and it was pretty cool. I remember thinking about either contacting the guy and thanking him, or linking back to his site, though I don’t remember if I did either. I might not have had the time or the patience to do so.

So I picked up a new follower on Twitter (really, my feed is just based Norvendae’s updates) called “Game Mechanics.” It might have something to do with the recent flurry of game design updates I’ve had on the site. I’ve been bouncing around like an excited puppy, updating left and right with new thoughts and discoveries. Or then again, it could just be that the words “game mechanics” showed up in my feed somewhere.

In the process of checking out the feed for @GameMechanics, I found a couple of sites that caught my interest, the first of which I’ll mention here, and write about later. The RPG Blog Alliance appears to be a site that consolidates the feeds of many, many roleplaying-related blogs, and I was thinking that it would probably be a great place to pull in some more readers. If only because, y’know, I write about gaming.

So, this is what I was doing instead of transcribing the next couple days worth of “To Catch A Goat.” I should probably get back to that … and stop rooting around on the Internet for excuses to not write. *whistles tunelessly*