I was walking to the bus stop this morning when I noticed some road barriers up. I thought it was kind of strange, but I glanced at their placement and thought to myself that the road must have been repainted. Farther down the way, I noticed a police car parked in an unusual spot, and when I walked by, I noticed the engine was running. Couldn’t explain it, so I just smiled and ignored it.

When I crossed the street to the bus stop I usually take, I had no trouble because there was almost no traffic. There were a lot of cars parked on the side of the road, though. It took me a bit, but then I noticed two K-9 Units parked across the street from the bus stop. I let that information kind of stew in my head. I noticed a couple of nightshirt-and-shorts guys standing around in the road, which I thought was odd.

It took me a bit to notice the other police cars parked along the sides of the road. They were some of the newer ones, so they looked almost like normal cars, just with “police” splashed across the side, and a rack of lights across the top. None of them were flashing. It was about then that I noticed the small group of men clad in body armor, carrying automatic weapons, advancing toward one of the houses on the street.

I wondered if they’d blocked off the road farther down the way, and if they’d redirect the buses or let them pass through. I saw a couple of officers walking back to the K-9 Units, looking pretty casually, so I hailed them and asked if the buses would be running through. They said “probably, yeah.” I continued to wait, and watched as one of the buses was redirected about a block down. Bugger.

I figured I’d head home and see if I could get a lift to work, I might still be on time that way. Then I saw the officer setting up roadblocks to prevent people from turning down the way to get to my street. I asked if it was possible for me to get through to the house, and he said no, and that there was a guy with a rifle that wanted to shoot people. I figured on walking to the next bus stop at that point.

Five blocks and three phone calls later, I’m waiting at the bus stop. I’ve let my mom, my work, and my fiancee know what’s going on, and that I’m safe and on my way to work, and then the next bus comes by. I actually made it to work a few minutes after opening, thanks to the fact that I normally leave far earlier. Moral of the story: leaving for work early means you’re only a little late when bad stuff happens?