Instead of working on the comic last night, I spent the night looking up possible apartments for when cookiemonger and I go apartment-hunting tomorrow. That’s meant both as an excuse and an explanation. I was working on the comic, and I paused to journal/freewrite for a few minutes when I realized I had my priorities in the wrong order. Dropped everything, started Googling.

Looking for an apartment sucks. Maybe it’s Salt Lake, maybe it’s just the Internet, but the listings I found online were really, really awful. Usually they had incomplete information (amenities, pricing, location, contact information) and many of the apartments complexes didn’t have their own websites, the ones they did have tended to be ugly, out of date, or hopelessly unnavigable.

If only searching apartment listings online was as straightforward as searching for flights. Seriously, I think there ought to be a website listing somewhere for apartments that’s as simple as looking up and buying airline tickets. Seriously, who wants to sign up and pay for a website when you’re going to be moving into a place? You’ll pay into it exactly once, unless they surreptitiously auto-charge you.

There’s a certain website I signed up for when looking for roommates and a place to live a couple years back, which required users to manually cancel the subscription, hidden behind layers of garbage on their website, or else take regular, monthly charges to their credit card. I won’t name the site because I don’t want to promote them, for good or ill. They represent all that it wrong with the world.

Anyway, to get back on track, I managed to find ten or so complexes, and I collected what information I could on them. I’m thinking during the first part of this afternoon, I should give each one a call and find out A) if their listed phone number works, B) if they have any current vacancies, and C) what it would be like for a couple to move in by, say, the end of the month. Maybe I can narrow it down a bit.