“You get what you pay for.”

I believe there’s a Geico commercial that ran on the radio for a while, which features a character who doesn’t like to save money. “I don’t like to save money. My father didn’t like to save money, either.” It’s pretty funny because Geico’s schtick is about saving people money on their insurance. “This is the money you could be saving if you switched to Geico.” Ad nauseum.

We are (at least in the United States) constantly bombarded by messages that we’re spending too much money, and that we should cut back. And then we’re given these messages like “Buy three, get the fourth one free.” I love to argue with these sales and advertisements because I can save even more money by simply refusing to buy the product. I learned about the evils of consumerism from Calvin and Hobbes.

I don’t mind paying full price for products or services. I have a good feel for when I think I need a warranty (in case something breaks down) versus when a contract is just an “upsell.” I’ve had my Verizon phone for almost four years now, and I take care of it. I throw away offers to upgrade my phone because I don’t want to buy into their two-year contract again. I hope they hate me for refusing to submit.

Sometimes I have difficulty asserting myself. I once listened to a woman’s sales pitch for almost thirty minutes, even though I told her several times that I could afford to buy her magazine subscriptions. I just patiently waited until I had another opportunity to point out that I still couldn’t afford her magazines, then let her try and sell me something else. She almost sold my friend a few, though. *sigh*

I don’t shop at Walmart. I understand their game plan. They have enough money and time, that they will eventually control the market and will be free to charge whatever they like. Corporations are timeless entities that will persist long after the people who create them. Walmart just has to outlast other grocery, hardware, and toy stores, and they’ll flood the market with their cheap garbage products.

I don’t think I have anything to say in conclusion right now. I’m upset by the laziness and selfishness of other people. I don’t know what else to say.