Life has been quite complex lately, and I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all of it. I can’t really put my finger on it. It seems as though giving up activities isn’t translating into more time for things that need to be done, which seems grossly unfair. I have so many things that need to be done. I need to make a doctor’s appointment because I haven’t seen a physician in years.

I’m not especially worried, but it’s just the sort of thing that needs doing. I already called and rescheduled my dentist appointment for the month after, rather than the week of the wedding, but there’s still more to be done. Cookiemonger finished her driver’s training course and passed her test, and is now a licensed driver. I’m so proud of her, a few months ago, she didn’t think it was even possible.

Life has reached this stage of responsibility and overwhelming activity that would (prior to say, five, maybe six years ago) trip my “check out of reality” switch. I can feel this urge in the back of my mind to just let things pass me by until the pressure lets up, but experience has taught me that I can reduce that pressure by confronting it. I still need to compare ISPs and look into switching to another cell phone provider.

I’m irritated that when I finally worked up the nerve to call a doctor’s office a few minutes ago, their automated message informed me they would be closed for an hour for lunch. I kind of wish we could shut down for an hour around here, I think our office could do with some coordinated unwinding. Still, I’ve called the office once now, I’m sure I could do it again, however annoyed I might be.