Friday I went in to rent my tuxedo for the wedding. We allotted something like two to three hours and it actually took about forty minutes. The woman I spoke with was very friendly and helpful, even when I proved that I honestly knew very little about what I was doing. I think it helped that I at least knew the colors.

I thought, when I went it, that I would need something classy, but that said “Bruce Wayne.” I mean, we kind of have a Batman theme going for the wedding, so I tried to think debonair thoughts. I briefly considered a tux with coattails, but I decided … no. Might’ve been fun, but I think I’ll probably appreciate that decision later.

Fitting and measurements came together quite smoothly, and I have information I need to potentially rent suits for two of the other guys in the wedding party. That way, we can go in the day before, pick up my suit and however many tuxes we’ll need, plus any other items we think we’ll need, and be ready and crazy stressed for the next day.

There are a few other things that need to fall into place before the big day, but they’re all big, easy blocks like in Tetris. Clear one line, move on to the next. Odd blocks at times, some extraneous bits, and the colors don’t necessarily match up, but we’re still clearing lines, still moving ahead. All in good time.

I was getting fluttery and panicky before, but I’m doing much better now that the tux is reserved. I’ve yet to see if there’s anything else to stress me out, but I have nearly everything I need taken care of. Cookiemonger and I picked out an apartment last Wednesday and we got approved for it the very next day.

The current plan is to actually move in the day before the wedding. It sounds terrifyingly stressful, but if you ask me, it’s an opportunity to work off a lot of the adrenaline that’s going to be pumping through our systems (mine, anyway). I had an idea to streamline some of the move, which is already under way.