Every so often, I have to go back and watch the videos in the Dead Fantasy series to remind myself of the kind of game I’m designing. Anything and everything that you can find in a Dead Fantasy episode (or the halfway-there attempt Dissidia “not quite awesome enough” Final Fantasy) should be possible in Norvendae by the time I’m done with it. That’s, like, the whole point.

Dead Fantasy episode 1
Dead Fantasy episode 2
Dead Fantasy episode 3
Dead Fantasy episode 4
Dead Fantasy episode 5

With the potential for weapons, items, spells, characters, monsters, and locations and any of a bazillion other things to put in your Reserves, and ability for just about any reserved card to Banish another, you can create and play some of those awe-inspiring moments when the characters rough up the background for a scene change and a temporary combat advantage.

Depending on the type of cards you put in your Reserves, you can match wits, cross swords, trade insults, cast spells, create the One Ring, destroy the One Ring, put the One Ring through your nose — you can do just about anything imaginable, and quite a few unimaginable (but soon to be Rule-Thirty-Foured) things.

Once I’ve worked out alternate victory conditions, you won’t even have to fight your opponent. You can win through peace and diplomacy, higher education, superior firepower, manipulation of bloodlines and destiny, creating, averting, or fulfilling prophesies … Norvendae is going to be the storytelling game, and you won’t even need to pay to play. (Once I figure out virtual card games and such.)

I just need to keep plugging away … it should be ready in the next couple years.