In preparation for the wedding, I’ve taken a hiatus from our weekly gaming group. Last night was my last night as game master for the next several weeks. I know the group’s going to take next week off due to various scheduling conflicts, but then I’ll be out for the month of August and one of the other guys will be running a short paragon adventure in the Shadowfell with a different cast.

We were talking about it this morning, er, I should say, at around 2-3 AM after the game ended, while we sat in front of my house with the car idling. *snerk* I’m not sure what it is about the space in front of houses early in the morning, but they seem somehow conducive to concocting character arcs and adventure plots. He already had the hooks and a direction in mind, and we outlined the adventure.

I’m not actually all that familiar with Gloomwrought as a setting. I know the book just came out and all, but he’s read over it (I think he said he’s lent his copy out for another game master for the time being) and whenever I came up with an idea, he knew exactly where to place it in the city. Whenever we had an adventure seed, I came up with an encounter composition or a plot twist to complicate matters.

I love the collaborative process. This way, I can continue to haunt the players with fiendish puzzles, traps, and monsters, even while I’m on hiatus. *evil cackle* There were several other things we discussed that aren’t spoilerrific or plot-centric that I wanted to share here, as well, because I thought they were lots of fun to incorporate into an adventure, especially one of pre-determined length.