I was pretty out of it yesterday with a stomach bug … maybe not a full illness, but the on-and-off, there-and-back-again kind of pain made it difficult to focus on things for an extended period of time. Sometimes I’d rather just be sick. *feh* Anyway, to take my mind off the pain, I went and fiddled around a bit with my build for Allandra, whom I’ll be playing again in a few months.

(If you figure our group is about halfway through the adventure after playing after five months, we’ll probably finish the adventure by the end of the year. “A year per tier” in Fourth Edition isn’t so bad, I think.)

I’m making some adjustments to the character build to better support the group as a leader/controller. The original multiclassing option (via feats and power swapping) presented in the Player’s Handbook isn’t supported very well in the D&DI Character Builder, at least it wasn’t last time I had the patience to fiddle with it. I’m using the Hybrid option from the Player’s Handbook 3, which gives me more flexibility.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Hybrid options under most circumstances. It’s complicated and still a pain to deal with — I don’t understand the need to alternate power selection between both classes, it seems more trouble than it’s worth. It still doesn’t ensure that a build will be balanced, either. I also wouldn’t recommend crossing strikers with anything else, based on the restrictions.