I’m a sometimes-fan of the Dynasty Warriors series. I don’t remember what originally kept me away from the series (I might have thought it a real-time strategy game, which it barely qualifies for) but I do remember it was my brother that brought me into the series. There’s a bit too much button-mashing for my taste, it’s basically a beat-em-up with strategy elements. (The Fourth and Fifth are, anyway.)

There are some elements of the game that I do find rather enjoyable. Whenever there are optional goals, such as constructing a certain fortification or overwhelming the insertion points on the battlefield and switching them to your side. (Reinforcements!) There’s also this fighting game-style storytelling model, where characters make guest appearances in each others’ story-based missions, which I enjoy.

There’s something about seeing the same events from the perspective of multiple characters that I find interesting. There’s a little bit of mystery to it, when you try to figure out how things might have “really” happened, given that each character will be biased toward their own perspective. Optional objectives also break up the monotony of the hack-and-slash/beat-em-up style of gameplay.

I was just thinking that Diablo could really use some optional side-missions and quests that weren’t just more monster-killing, or that weren’t practically necessary in order to make it through to the end of the game without incredible difficulty. *rolls eyes* But that’s a totally different rant, which I’ll save for another time.

Thinking about Dynasty Warriors, though, got me thinking about how they use the maps in the entries I played (the Fourth and/or Fifth games in the series, I believe). There are several key points on the map where most of the action takes place, and then there are various control points around the board that influence how your army fares. Then there are the insertion points, which I mentioned above.

I’m wondering if those kinds of things might translate to my game? Command points influence the success of your warriors. Control points allow you to influence individual battles and turn a rout into a victory or a stalemate. Resource points could be farms, inns, or supply trains, schools, camps, or maybe civilian areas, and they would allow additional recruitment. Something to think about. *ponders*