Continuing a particular train of thought from yesterday, I think I found the trope that describes what I’m looking for out of lands and locations in my game: Free Floor Fighting. The trope belongs to the Fighting Game genre, and describes situations where the location of combat may change in the midst of the conflict. Classifying location types is going to be a real pain.

To get a start on it, I’ve read a little about architecture, construction, and geography. I’m going to want to take into account a lot of “environmental” factors, and eventually I’ll want “equipment” relative to locations, as well — namely hazards and traps. It should even be possible to create a dungeon-adventure environment based on the locations and their attachments/enhancements/modifications.

(dithering idium — I’m carrying around three months worth of notebooks and it isn’t enough! The chart I’m looking for must be from April or earlier … sigh.)

Nearly two years ago, I started a thread on one of the Brilliant Gameologist sub-forums about tweaking the modes of movement in the game, and during the conversation, discussion of terrain came up and was spun off into its own thread. It occurred to me only recently that the range of locations is limited by the things you can do in those locations. Actions and movement determine the plausibility of environments.

If you can forge a sword or hold a debate before a council of elders, you can make smithies and meeting halls into plausible locations for the game. Anywhere you can be, you can have exciting encounters. Movement modes then determine how dynamic the encounters can be. Can you outflank your enemies in the Mines of Moria? Can you swing on a chandelier over Mount Doom?

The Star Wars CCG classified locations by interior and exterior — by planet sites and space itself. (Obviously, you could only have space battles in space.) You also had docking bays … usually they were both interior and exterior environments, and you could “shuttle” characters from bay to bay as though they were interconnected. It would be interesting to have a “crossroads” system that worked similarly.

I still have no idea how the circumstances or rules of a fight might change in the middle of, say, Banishment or Depletion, but it’s something I’m thinking about.