I figure it’s about time for another matching game. I’ve refurbished my list of attributes and now I have the beginnings of a hypothetical hunter build, I think I should probably go through my list of classes and assign attributes that make sense for each class. I know somewhere I have a list of attributes by character role: offensive, defensive, and supportive. I just need to find them.

It occurred to me that the original chart of “attributes-by-role” I created months ago (almost a year now?) would not only be incredibly easy to reproduce, but after some months to think about it, there are a lot of things I would change anyway.

Striker, the Fragile Speedsters
Alacrity, countered by striker Evasion
Accuracy, countered by defender Cunning
Precision, countered by support Courage

Evasion, counters striker Alacrity

Defender, the Mighty Glaciers
Prowess, countered by defender Stamina

Stamina, counters defender Prowess
Cunning, counters striker Accuracy
Fortitude, counters support Finesse

Support, the Jacks-of-All-Trades
Charisma, countered by support Caution
Finesse, countered by defender Fortitude

Caution, counters support Charisma
Courage, counters striker Precision

Each role has at least one offensive attribute and one defensive attribute, and the defensive attribute they’re all guaranteed to have is the one that counters their own offensive attribute. Strikers have three offensive and one defensive attributes, and defenders have three defensive and one offensive attributes. Characters in a supporting role have access to two of each.

Defensive attributes allow a character to evade, ignore, or reverse the effects of certain types of combat, and they’re otherwise immune to the effects of the specific offensive attribute they counter. Playing a completely defensive game should allow a player to gain immunity to the attacks of nearly every type of attack, at the very probable expense of being able to inflict any damage.

Anyway, I still need to figure out if there’s a pattern to which classes fall under what roles, or if there’s any pattern to them at all. I’ll keep you posted. *snerk*